Jeep CJ '49'86 (Haynes Repair Manual) by Chilton

By Chilton

From the Haynes fix guide sequence comes this handbook masking the preferred Jeep versions, the CJs', from 1949 to 1986.

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Transfer case drain and fill plugs. .......... .. Axle housing drain and fill plugs. . . ..... .... •. •. All others 12 15t020 16 20 to 27 20 to 34 20 to 34 1116 in 1132 in above rivet head 15 to 25 15 to 25 25 to 33 25 to 35 22 to 33 1 Introductio n to routine ma inte nance This Chapter was designed to help t he home mechanic maintain his lor I'H;If) vehicle for peak performence, economy, safety and long life. On Ihe following pages you will find a maintenance schedule along with Sections which deal specifically wilh eech item on the schedule.

Make sure the vehicle il firmly supported. If jackstands ere used, they should be placed toward the front of the frame railS which run the length of the vehicle. 8 Move all necesSlry toOll, rags end newspapers under the vehicle. Position the drein pan under the drain plug. Keep in mind that the oil will initially flow from the pan with some force, so posi tion the pan eccordingly. 9 Use the wrench to remove the drain plug near the bottom of the oil pan but be careful not to touch eny of I he hot exhaust pipe componan ...

H may be necessary to move the pan farther under the engine as the oil flow reduces to a trickle.. 11 After all the oil has drained, clean the drain plug thoroughly with a clean reg. Small metal particles may cfing to the plug and immediataly • contaminate the new oil. 12 Clean the erea around the drain plug opening and reinslall the plug. Tighten It securely. 13 Move the drain pan into position under the oil filter. 14 Now use the lilter wranch to loosen the oil filter. Chain or metal bend-type filter wrenches may distort the filter can iller.

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