Death God's Citadel by Juanita Coulson

By Juanita Coulson

Ballantine Del Rey, paperback unique novel. one in every of printings (1980, 1984). This delusion novel is a stand-alone sequel to "The net of Wizardry" (1978). jointly those books are the "Krantin" novels.

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But he could not. His ruse had been too successful, as was his chosen disguise. He was trapped, with no easy way out. The only hope remained that he had planted a seed of doubt in Jathelle's thoughts. More he dared not try. LaRenya Jathelle rose and came toward him. Her smile was warm and again she would not permit them to make an obeisance to her. "I am very content and the bargain was fairly made," she said. Jathelle summoned a page, who brought her a purse stitched with silver thread. The purse was worth much in itself and plainly it was weighted with considerable coin.

The Inn's steps were slippery with blood and excrement. His stomach churning, Tyrus swallowed his nausea and walked through the stinking clutter. He ducked to miss the lintel, entering the cellar tavern. Erejzan moved to his right, clear of the sword, should Tyrus need to draw the blade. Together they surveyed the frenzied scene. A motge carcass, probably stolen from some, local butcher, roasted on a great spit over an open hearth. Smoke snaked across the cobwebbed ceiling and the splintery walls, sifting through the numerous cracks.

Since his quest had begun, he had not let lures of the flesh distract him. Now LaRenya Jathelle, without any apparent guile, was captivating him when jades and harlots and even flirtatious well-born women had not. He was irked by this weakness in himself, but relished the experience also. He could not let this go on! His head must be clear, his will free from any bondage but the hunt for Vraduir! "I have never seen their like," courtiers were saying. From the archway, Ceshti and the waiters were watching and enjoying the show, too.

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