Dawn O'Hara, the Girl Who Laughed by Edna Ferber

By Edna Ferber

"There are a couple of issues which are pleasanter than being in poor health in a brand new York boarding-house whilst one’s nearest dearest is a married sister up in far-away Michigan."

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Max, 38 DAWN O'HARA THE GIRL WHO LAUGHED pipe in mouth, surveyed us blandly. "Fine color you've got, Dawn," he remarked. "There is such a thing as overdoing this health business," snapped Norah, with a great deal of acidity for her. " Max turned to Von Gerhard. " whispered Von Gerhard. "When women exchange remarks that apparently are simple, and yet that you, a man, cannot understand, then know there is a woman's war going on, and step softly, and hold your peace. " Calm was restored with the appearance of the steak, which was found to have survived the period of waiting, and to be incredibly juicy and tender.

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