Dangerous by Charlotte Lamb

By Charlotte Lamb

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Boat (Eyewitness Guides)

Each one identify within the "Eyewitness" sequence is an informative, visible account of quite a lot of matters and pursuits. this actual e-book appears on the international of boats, rafts and ships of either the earlier and the current, from hollowed-out logs to luxurious liners. The ebook features a background of the improvement of boats, from Irish skin-covered coracles and North American birch-bark canoes to river boats, embellished barges and the seagoing galleons and frigates to the golden age of sail.

How Deep Sea Divers Use Math (Math in the Real World)

Even if trying to find shipwrecks, new species, or misplaced civilizations lower than the waters' depths, deep sea divers use math to maintain themselves secure and alive. How Deep Sea Divers Use Math exhibits how those underwater explorers use math to delve into the private oceans each day.

Due North of Montana: A Guide to Flyfishing in Alberta

Are you bored with flyfishing these brand-name U. S. trout streams that promise colossal fish yet produce in most cases giant crowds? Then a visit to Alberta is the correct answer, and "Due North of Montana" is the guidebook you’ll desire. a number of hours’ force from essentially the most recognized trout waters within the reduce forty-eight will take you to rivers you’ve most likely by no means heard of before—rivers just like the North Raven, the place you’ll locate giant browns emerging in a spring creek; or the Elk River, touted as probably the easiest westslope cutthroat move in North the USA.

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