Cyclical Time & Ismaili Gnosis (Islamic Texts and Contexts) by Corbin

By Corbin

First released in 1983. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa corporation.

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P. 335. Here it may be well to recall certain aspects of Islamic prophetology: the distinction made between the nabi (the preacher with the divine mission) and the mursal (the Envoy who becomes the leader of a people). The Bihar al-Anwar (Encyclopedia of Shiite Traditions) counts 124,000 nabi (including a great number of Biblical figures but many non-Biblical figures as well), among whom only 313 have the quality of Envoys; cf. our Avicenna, p. 312, n. 9. 37 Cf. Schoeps, Theologie, pp. 106-7, and Aus fruhehristlicher Zeit: Religionsgeschichtliche Untersuchungen (Tubingen, 1950), p.

And finally the angelical potency is the Resurrection of the human potency carried to its highest perfection. Just as the vital soul is like a body in relation to the imaginative soul; so the latter in turn is like a body in relation to the thinking human soul; and the latter, finally, is like a body in relation to the angel (the angelic Intelligence, 'aql). When each of these souls is existentiated in the form immediately above it, this is the corporal resurrection (hashr-e jasaddni). 98 96 The decade is completed by three superior esoteric ranks corresponding respectively to the third Angel, to the Tali, and to the Sabiq (Nafs and 'Aql, second and first Angels), the primordial pair from which issued the third Angel (become tenth after his error) and the Seven Cherubim Angels, or Words, of the pleroma of the lbda' .

105 Can we distinguish in the winter, as Nasir-e Khosraw says, between a living tree and a dead tree? Both, it is true, are materially there. But in one the sap flows secretly. In the other the sap does not flow, because its roots are dead. 106 It is no indulgence in a mere literary reminiscence if the image of the Iranian philosopher suggests this thought of Balzac: "Resurrection is accomplished by the wind of heaven that sweeps the worlds. The Angel carried by the wind does not say: Arise ye dead!

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