Cultural Diversity And Globalization - Arab-Japanese

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Pascal Crozet, “Entre science et art : la géométrie descriptive et ses applications à l’épreuve de la traduction”, Traduire, transposer, naturaliser : la formation d’une langue scientifique moderne hors des frontières de l’Europe au XIXe siècle, Pascal Crozet and Annick Horiuchi (eds), L’Harmattan (Paris, 2004), pp. 171-200. 51 by British ones, while English was permanently substituted for Arabic as the language of instruction. Consequently, like Muhammad ‘Alī’s industrialization plans, the projects of the nineteenth-century Egyptian scientists were to die with them.

L’industrialisation de l’Amérique latine et du Moyen-Orient face au défi européen. 1770-1870, Droz (Geneva, 1990); see particularly the chapter on “L’Égypte de Muhammad-‘Ali, 1805-1848”, pp. 45-123. 4. Ghislaine Alleaume, “Les systèmes hydrauliques de l’Égypte pré-moderne. Essai d’histoire du paysage”, Itinéraires d’Égypte. , C. ), IFAO (Cairo, 1992), pp. 301-22. 48 board gradually had its prerogative extended to the whole of the Egyptian population, mainly with the foundation of civilian hospitals.

Societies that were initially reluctant had to pay a higher price for their delay, as in the case of China, whose internal divisions prevented effective modernization until the beginning of the twentieth century. Societies which, for one reason or another, did not succeed in making this adjustment, fell apart and saw their governments disappear. However, all the societies that we know today have been shaped by modernity. Even those that we may suspect of being still strongly marked by tradition actually obey the logic of global modernity.

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