Cultural and Linguistic Diversity: Evolutionary Approaches by James Steel, Peter Jordan, Ethan Cochrane (Editors)

By James Steel, Peter Jordan, Ethan Cochrane (Editors)

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2003; Jordan & Shennan 2003; Moylan et al. 2006). Ethnogenesis creates its own form of non-independence, and a form that requires different approaches from those used for investigating phylogenesis (Borgerhoff Mulder et al. 2006; Nunn et al. 2006). This is not because borrowed traits fail to shed light on adaptation; indeed if pastoralists in arid environments ‘borrow’ camel-keeping from a neighbouring ethnic group this may be valid evidence for adaptive cultural coevolution (Mace & Pagel 1994).

B 352, 519–529. , Gittleman, J. L. & Luh, H. 1994 Truth or consequences: effects of phylogenetic accuracy on two comparative methods. J. Theor. Biol. 167, 293–300. 1071) Roe, F. G. 1955 The Indian and the horse. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press. Rushton, S. , Lurz, P. W. , Gurnell, J. & Fuller, R. 2000 Modelling the spatial dynamics of parapoxvirus disease in red and grey squirrels: a possible cause of the decline in the red squirrel in the UK? J. Appl. Ecol. 37, 997–1012. x) Sanderson, M.

Thus, it is the underlying assumption violations about the tree that cause the elevation in type I error rates, rather than bias originating from the design of the simulation model. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B (2010) 4. INFERRING VERTICAL TRANSMISSION BASED ON LEVELS OF HOMOLOGY Given the sensitivity of independent contrasts to some forms of horizontal transmission, it is critical to identify whether the degree of vertical transmission in cultural datasets is sufficient for applying phylogenetic methods.

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