Creolization and Diaspora in the Portuguese Indies (European by Stefan Halikowski Smith

By Stefan Halikowski Smith

This ebook offers an unique research of the massive Portuguese neighborhood in Ayutthaya, the manager river-state in Siam, in the course of a interval of obvious decline (1640-1720). Portuguese populations have been displaced from their leader settlements like Melaka and Makassar, and interested in the river-states of mainland South-East Asia by way of a protecting version of kingship, hopes of foreign alternate and the chance to reap souls. quite a few resources might be used to make clear the fortunes and makeup of this displaced, mixed-race 'tribe', which used to be principally self reliant of the matrices of Portuguese colonial strength, and fared poorly along different international groups during this remarkably open, dynamic setting. situations replaced for the higher after the nationwide Revolution of 1688, whilst Portuguese began to fill some of the jobs at courtroom and in trade formerly occupied by means of Frenchmen and northerly Europeans.

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We have two contemporary sources that relate the events. The first is the letter of Fr. 80 He described how, when the Malukan refugees (magna multitude lusitanorum et malucensium hominum) arrived at Cebu, the bishop was absent and the hospital appeared in disarray in every way. The mercy and charity of the population and the initiative and example of the Father Superior, however, alleviated the new arrivals’ needs, prominent men and women ‘outdoing each other in their endeavours to assist the suffering even with the most abject duties’.

Goonatilleka, ‘Two Sinhala princes at the Court of Lisbon in Portugal’, in Ceylon seventeenth century population movements 21 But what of concubines of returning servicemen, slaves, and retainers, and children of the Indies? 38 The seventeenth century was of course also marked by the arrival of north European competitors in the waters of the Indian Ocean, who competed vigorously with the Portuguese there. The Dutch, and to a lesser extent the English, were immediately responsible for the displacement of the Portuguese from many of their trading cities and erstwhile settlements, although a minority of Portuguese preferred to switch sides and enter the service of the Dutch (the so-called overloopers).

72 This did not stop the Portuguese confabulating schemes to buy back or ‘farm’ Hormuz (the Viceroy D. C. 74 Military expeditions to recover lost territory were another possibility. 75 He might have succeeded in his bid to recapture Hormuz, if reinforcements sent from Goa by D. Francisco da Gama had arrived more quickly. 76 An attempt in 1727 was successful, the Omani forces in Muscat being held down in a civil war, although possession proved short-lived, the Portuguese being forced to turn the fortress back over to the Omanis two years later.

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