Cranes and Storks (Animals Animals) by Steven Otfinoski

By Steven Otfinoski

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A bird scientist counts the number of storks in a nest in Hungary, where the white stork is endangered. into electric power lines and factory smokestacks that people have built along the birds’ traditional routes. Some people whose roofs are home to storks have taken an active role in saving the white stork. If one stork parent dies and the other must go in search of food, the people watch over the eggs in their nest. Some human helpers even keep the eggs warm in a special mechanical incubator.

The whooping crane has become the symbol of conservation in North America. S. postal stamp, representing wildlife conservation. animals to be so protected in the United States. By 2007, the number of whooping cranes living in the wild had increased to 340, and another 145 lived in captivity in zoos and preserves. More recently, the white stork of Europe and Africa has been threatened. The skies are not as friendly as they once were for these migratory storks. Many storks have accidentally been killed by running When this stork was left without parents, human helpers took over.

Captivity—The condition of being kept by people rather than living in the wild. crop—A pouch in a bird’s throat where food is stored. egg tooth—A hard knob on the end of a chick’s bill that it uses to break out of its shell. endangered— Threatened with extinction. extinct—No longer existing. fledglings—Young birds that are learning to fly. habitat—The place where an animal lives, including the living and nonliving things in the environment. incubation—The process of keeping eggs warm so that they will hatch.

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