Continental Evolution: The Geology of Morocco: Structure, by André Michard, Omar Saddiqi, Ahmed Chalouan, Dominique

By André Michard, Omar Saddiqi, Ahmed Chalouan, Dominique Frizon de Lamotte

Morocco is without doubt one of the such a lot interesting lands on the planet from the viewpoint of its geological constitution and evolution. Our wisdom at the geology of the rustic has been enormously more desirable over the last a long time, in accordance with quite a few seismic profiles and boreholes, seismological research of focal mechanisms, seismic tomography, gravimetric/geodetic modelling and, nevertheless, in line with a massive nationwide software of Geological Mapping together with smooth geochemical analyses (trace parts) and trustworthy isotopic datings (39Ar-40Ar, U-Pb zircon, Sm-Nd, etc). furthermore, a few educational reports were played in relation with the expanding variety of Moroccan universities. hence, there has been an utmost urgency to adopt a brand new treatise of Moroccan geology that may replacement for the classical El?ments de g?ologie marocaine, released in 1976 via A. Michard within the Notes et M?moires du carrier g?ologique du Maroc (re-edited two times because 1976, with greater than 6000 copies offered, and… translated in jap for engineers!). a brand new treatise has been ready among April 2006 and July 2007 lower than the coordination of A. Michard, assisted by means of O. Saddiqi, and A. Chalouan, by means of a large panel of authors from Morocco, France or Belgium top-of-the-line connoisseurs of the rustic. as a way to emphasize the overall curiosity of the ebook, we ultimately maintain the subsequent identify: Continental Evolution: The Geology of Morocco. constitution, Stratigraphy, and Tectonics of the Africa-Atlantic-Mediterranean Triple junction. The enhancing and construction of this ebook used to be supported by means of the next organizations: The Geological Society of  France (SGF) The nationwide workplace of Hydrocarbons and Mines of Morocco (ONHYM) The foreign Lithosphere software (ILP)  

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11 for approximate location). The Dakhla cruise (2002) acquired this bathymetric mosaic together with very high resolution seismic data (CHIRP). ) canyon. Courtesy of A. Baltzer and D. , submitted) sliding event Channels possibly related to the Canyon Barbas Ripples due to the creeping of the subsurface layer Slope features observed with the EM 300 in the Dakhla area From Baltzer et al. (submitted) Slope failure 1 Slope failure 2 2400 m 1600 m 700 m Water depth (m) 200 m 26 A. Michard et al. 1 An Outline of the Geology of Morocco 27 -2000 00 -40 0 -400 Coral Patch Seamount -3000 14 Pr of ile 4 13 -100 0 -3 00 0 -400 0 35˚N OBH IFREMER OBS Univ.

L. are responsible for the building of the supercontinent Gondwana. On the eastern side of the WAC, the Pan-African orogeny is clearly related to the convergence between the East Sahara metacraton and the WAC itself, with building of the Trans-Saharan belt including the Hoggar (Tuareg) Shield. The western part of the Hoggar was essentially built by the Pan-African Orogeny, whereas its central and eastern metacratonic parts were variably reactivated during the Neoproterozoic. The Hoggar massif includes metamorphic terranes and ophiolitic units thrust both eastward and westward.

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