Contexts: Meaning, Truth, and the Use of Language by Stefano Predelli

By Stefano Predelli

Stefano Predelli involves the safeguard of the conventional "formal" method of natural-language semantics, arguing that it's been misrepresented not just by means of its critics, but additionally by means of its premiere defenders. In Contexts he deals a primary reappraisal, with specific cognizance to the therapy of indexicality and other kinds of contextual dependence that have been the point of interest of a lot contemporary controversy. within the strategy, he offers unique methods to a few very important semantic matters, together with the connection among validity and indexicality, the boundaries of token-reflexive platforms, the importance of contextualist arguments, and the translation of perspective stories. Contexts will make invigorating analyzing for all philosophers of language and lots of linguists.

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As for points, I follow for concreteness’ sake the rather customary notion that they be interpreted as pairs, consisting of a 8 My treatment of ‘the mat’ as a singular term is highly suspicious—as is, incidentally, my treatment of the plural ‘the leaves’ as a name for a certain foliage, when it comes to some examples in Ch. 4. However, nothing of relevance for my aim hinges on this pretence. Systems and their Inputs $ 19 time and what is commonly called a ( possible) world (but for comments and important caveats on the role of ‘possible worlds’ within semantic interpretation, see Chapter 4).

Thus, for instance, it would have to be a brute fact about the meaning(s) of ‘today’ that it sometimes refers to the time of utterance, at other times manages to pick out the day of reproduction, and in other circumstances, such as some of the examples I present below, denotes an interval intended as relevant by the speaker. Smith aims at masking the arbitrary aspect of such a collection by assuming that the various characters are collected under a unique semantic rule, which he refers to as a ‘metacharacter’.

Before leaving home at eight in the morning, he writes a note to his wife, who will be back from work at Wve in the evening: (2) As you can see, I am not at home now. If you hurry, you’ll catch the evening Xight to Los Cabos. Meet me in six hours at the Hotel Cabo Real. , six hours from the time of inscription. And suppose that you write in your oYce (3) I am here now on a scrap of paper, and that, after having arrived home, you leave it on the kitchen table, with the intention of informing someone of your whereabouts.

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