Common Sense, How to Exercise It by Mme. Blanchard Yoritomo-Tashi

By Mme. Blanchard Yoritomo-Tashi

From the PREFACE: Why should still I hesitate to specific the excitement I felt on studying that the public, already deeply drawn to the lessons of Yoritomo-Tashi, wanted to be made conversant in them in a brand new shape? this data intended many fascinating and delightful hours of labor in prospect for me, recalling the time handed in an environment of that peace which supplies start to vibrations of healthy suggestions whose radiance vitalizes the soul. It was once additionally with a keenness, intensified via thoughts of the little abandoned room within the provincial museum, the place silence by myself may well lend rhythm to meditation, that I became all over again and back the leaves of these useful manuscripts, translating the reviews of him whose prepared and ornate psychology we have now so frequently loved jointly. It used to be with the enthusiastic awareness of the disciple that when extra I scanned the pages, the place the broadest and such a lot humane compassion allies itself with these wonderful virtues: power, will and cause. For altho Yoritomo glorifies the desire and effort less than all their features, he is aware additionally how to define, in his middle, that tenderness which transforms those forces, sometimes slightly brutal, into powers for strong, whose presence are consistently a sign of favorable effects. He is familiar with easy methods to dress his teachings in myth and attractive legend, and his unique soul, so close to and but to date, reminds considered one of a flower, whose known point is transmuted into infrequent body spray. by means of him the sternest questions are stripped in their opposed features and current themselves within the captivating type of the best allegories of notable poetic depth. whilst analyzing his works, one remembers unconsciously the orations of the traditional philosophers, brought in these astonishing gardens, luxuriant in sun and aromatic with vegetation. during this far-away prior, one sees additionally the silhouette of an imposing determine, whose university of philosophy turned a faith, which the realm simply because it spoke either one of love and goodness. yet nonetheless truth, the doctrines of Yoritomo are of an innovative sort. His state belongs to this global, and his theories search much less the fun of the hereafter than of that tangible happiness that's present in the belief of the manly virtues and in that attempt to create excellent concord from which flows ideal peace. he's taking us by means of the hand, so one can lead us to the heart of that Eden of wisdom the place we've already found the artwork of persuasion, and that artwork, such a lot tough of all to acquire--the mastery of timidity. Following him, we will penetrate once again this Eden, that we may perhaps examine with Yoritomo the way of buying this art--somewhat unattractive possibly yet primarily primordial--called good judgment.

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It is only common sense which will indicate the course of conduct to be pursued, so as not to hurt the feelings or offend the prejudices of other people. There are great savants, whose science, freed from all puerile beliefs, rises above current superstition. They would consider it a great lack of common sense if they expounded their theories before the humble-minded, whose blind faith would be injured thereby. Of two things one is certain: either they would refuse to believe such theories and this display of learning would be fruitless, or their habitual credulity would be troubled and they would lose their tranquility without acquiring a conviction sufficiently strong to give them perfect peace of mind.

All judgment is either affirmative or negative. “It can never be vascillating nor neutral. “In this last case it will assume the title of opinion, and will attribute to itself the definite qualities which characterize judgment. “It is, however, at times subjected to certain conditions, where the principles on which it is based are not sufficiently defined, and, therefore, becomes susceptible to a change, either of form or of nature. “It is possible, without violating the laws of common sense, to establish a judgment whose terms will be modified by the mutation of causes.

In ordinary life, one ought to consider this faculty of common sense as the ruling principle of conduct. 52 BLANCHARD YORIMOTO-TASHI COMMON SENSE: HOW TO EXERCISE IT One can be lacking in thought, in audacity, in brilliant qualities, if only one possesses common sense. It takes the place of intelligence in many people, whose minds, unaccustomed to subtle argument, only lend themselves to very simple reasoning. A versatile mentality rarely belongs to such minds, because it is not their forte to unfold hidden truths.

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