Colorado Flora: Eastern Slope by William A. Weber

By William A. Weber

This advisor, meant either for the scholar and scientist, deals a whole, authoritative connection with the crops of Colorado. It discusses plant geography, specific botanical beneficial properties of the mountain levels, basins and plains, and clarify uncomplicated terminology. attention-grabbing anecdotes and introductions are given for every plant family members, and tricks on recognising the most important households are supplied in addition. every one quantity incorporates a whole word list, indices to universal and particular names, and hundreds of thousands of illustrations. This and its better half quantity, were considered as the main whole publications to be had and are necessary to readers drawn to Colorado's flora.

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Annual species are usually abundant enough to permit judicious collecting; they also usually produce an abundance of seeds. Perennials will not suffer to have one or two plants taken. Of course, there are rare instances when there are not enough specimens to allow the taking of many, but it is a rare species indeed that cannot suffer the loss of one or two specimens. If the proper habitat is available, there are probably many other stands that were not seen. If the habitat is extremely localized, there may be good reason to be especially careful; in fact, some of our best publicized rare plant sites are pillaged by large numbers of botanists and gardeners who still have the acquisitive habits of the vanity collector.

Leaves minute (less than 5 mm long), scalelike, overlapping, and appressed to the stem. Tamaricaceae, TAMARISK FAMILY 1b. Leaves larger and otherwise not as above (2) 2a. [1] Leaves covered by silvery or brownish peltate scales. Elaeagnaceae, OLEASTER FAMILY 2b. Leaves not covered by peltate scales (3) 3a. [2] Leaves and branches opposite (4) 3b. Leaves and branches alternate or scattered (16) 4a. [3] Fruit a samara (5) 4b. Fruit otherwise (or fruits not present) (6) 5a. [4] Leaves pinnately veined and pinnately compound, with a leathery texture.

Plants with tendrils (4) 3b. Tendrils absent. Humulus, in Cannabaceae, HOPS FAMILY 4a. Herbaceous; fruit a papery, spiny balloon or a gourd. Cucurbitaceae, CUCUMBER FAMILY 4b. " Vitaceae, GRAPE FAMILY Page 4 5a. Venation parallel; flowers and fruits in umbels. Smilacaceae, SMILAX FAMILY 5b. Venation netted; flowers and fruits not umbellate (6) 6a. Flowers 1 cm long or more; petals united, pleated. Convolvulaceae, MORNINGGLORY FAMILY 6b. Flowers smaller; perianth parts (tepals) separate. Polygonaceae, BUCKWHEAT FAMILY 7a.

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