Cognitive Explorations into Metaphor and Metonymy by Frank Polzenhagen, Zoltan Kövecses, Stefanie Vogelbacher,

By Frank Polzenhagen, Zoltan Kövecses, Stefanie Vogelbacher, Sonja Kleinke

This quantity offers chosen contributions to an annual symposium on metaphor and metonymy held on the English division of Heidelberg collage. It brings jointly papers by way of academics, PhD scholars and graduates from 3 universities - Heidelberg collage, Eötvös Loránd college in Budapest, and the collage of East Anglia in Norwich. The contributions illustrate the plurality of views and strategies in present cognitive-linguistic learn on metaphor and metonymy and exemplify a number of the ways that they are often mixed. The papers additionally attest to the wide variety of domain names and themes to which metaphor- and metonymy-based study will be utilized, together with emotion phrases, political and medical discourse, morphology, cross-cultural version and web communique.

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30 Zoltán Kövecses The various constituents of the conceptual system (frames, elements of frames, elements of vertical hierarchies) can be connected to each other in a number of ways. I mentioned three essential types: ‘is-connections’ corresponding to identity relations, ‘through-connections’ corresponding to metonymy, and ‘as-if-connections’ corresponding to metaphor. With the help of these distinctions and taking into account the interaction of vertical hierarchies and functional domains (frames), we can resolve some issues relating to metaphoric and metonymic abstract concepts.

One portion of them represents the IDEAS ARE FOOD metaphor, which is undoubtedly the most frequent and widely known instantiation of the interaction between these domains, and in the corpus a variety of its submappings is present. In addition to them, there is another metaphor instantiating the inter-domain relationship between EATING and LINGUISTIC ACTION (see below). As an illustration of the former, example (1b) can also be interpreted3 in terms of the IDEAS ARE FOOD metaphor. In this case, the inward directionality typical for the EATING domain is applied (atypically) to a linguistic action.

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