Cognitive Capitalism and its Reflections in South-Eastern by Carlo Vercellone (Author), Andrea Fumagalli (Author),

By Carlo Vercellone (Author), Andrea Fumagalli (Author), Vladimir Cvijanovic (Author)

Cognitive capitalism is taken into account to be a brand new level within the old evolution of capitalism that is present process a change affecting lots of the legislation and trends attribute of commercial capitalism. This increases a chain of matters tackled within the theoretical half, specifically concerning the elevated significance of cognitive paintings and the recent composition of the labour marketplace that effect the determinants of the price of products, the constitution of welfare, and the types of source of revenue distribution. A ancient research is utilized to explain the evolution of cognitive capitalism and its endogenous, in all likelihood destabilising, dynamics. The empirical half analyses the diffusion of cognitive capitalism within the former socialist nations of South-Eastern Europe and in other places.

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Or applicable copyright law. 2. B io eco n o m ics and th e v a lo risa tio n p r o c e ss Andrea Fumagalli 1. Introduction The capitalist economy is driven by an accumulation activity that has gradually freed itself from natural constraints. As a result o f human and social action, it assumed artificial and discretional forms that, starting from the industrial revo­ lution, would have taken on the structure o f manufacturing. Being unable to keep a constant form in time such an activity varies according to the dialectic process that accumulation itself triggers.

New convention needs to sustain consumptions even in the presence o f an in­ come redistribution to the disadvantage o f workers. Monetary policy o f the Fed had to adapt itself to make this apparent contradiction possible. Between the end o f 2000 and 2003 the maintenance o f high levels o f consumption had been as­ sured by interest rates at 1%, therefore negative in real terms, set by the Fed (Asensio, 2007). This occurred thanks to the elimination o f savings and the re­ mortgaging for home-owners who chose it rather than facing the inflation o f real estate value.

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