Cliffsnotes Rivals & School for Scandal by PhD A. M. I. Fiskin

By PhD A. M. I. Fiskin

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Sir Peter wants to hide behind the screen but just barely catches a glimpse of a woman's skirt before he is pushed into a closet. With the Teazles precariously screened and closeted, Joseph barely maintains some self-control as Charles proceeds to complete the destruction which Sir Peter started. Before Joseph tells his brother, in desperation, that Sir Peter is in the closet, he has frantically tried in speech and pantomime to get his unobservant guest to stop talking. Charles, of course, notices nothing because his heart is pure.

The tone of the comedies, therefore, sometimes changed from light and amusing pinpricks at human foibles to disgusted and sometimes disgusting satiric attacks, as in Wycherley's plays The Country Wife and The Plain Dealer. The comedy of manners was concerned with the erotic theme as a form of game or battle between the sexes where, in the main, the characters vied for psychological ascendance over the love-adversary. The source of interest was the battle. The lovers were seeking their own pleasure, which, under the circumstances, was best achieved by the gaining and giving of love.

9. Compare the intensity of Sheridan's satire with Gulliver's Travels, Ben Jonson's Volpone, and Wycherley's The Plain Dealer. 10. Compare Charles Surface with Belcour in Cumberland's The West Indian. 11. Discuss the extent to which Sheridan used materials of his own life in writing The Rivals. 12. As an exercise in analysis of dramatic structure, determine Lucy's part in the plot of The Rivals. 13. As an exercise in analysis of dramatic structure, determine the part of the scandalmongers in the plot of The School for Scandal.

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