Civil War Battles (The Civil War: a Nation Divided) by Tim McNeese

By Tim McNeese

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They did not. A Replacement for Pope In the meantime, President Lincoln had removed the failed General John Pope from command and shipped him out to Minnesota to fight Native Americans. Pope never led another 57 58 civil war battles army against the South. On September 2, Lincoln placed McClellan back in command of the Army of the Potomac. C. As Lee entered Maryland, he sent Stonewall Jackson and his forces to Harpers Ferry in western Virginia (today, this territory is the state of West Virginia).

Just days after this great fight in the woods of western Tennessee, Halleck finally arrived and immediately took command from Grant, the victor of Shiloh. Halleck did not pursue the enemy immediately but waited until Major General John Pope’s army came with reinforcements. He then took the combined forces of Grant, Buell, and ­Pope—­a mass of 100,000 ­men—­on a slow campaign ­toward Corinth. His march took six weeks, since Halleck insisted that his army build elaborate trenches every quarter mile (400 m) or so, to avoid being exposed to an enemy attack.

Lee (left) and Stonewall Jackson (right) to lead the rebels against Union general George McClellan and his troops. Lee, who knew the Confederate Army was outnumbered, organized an offensive strategy against McClellan that required both generals to attack with their units at two different locations. The Seven Days that attracted Lee’s attentions. With the Chickahominy separating Porter’s forces from the main body of McClellan’s army, it would be difficult for McClellan to reinforce the 5th in time.

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