Chronic fatigue syndrome by Gregory R. Bock, Julie Whelan (editors)

By Gregory R. Bock, Julie Whelan (editors)

Records the most recent effects and reviews at the motives and attainable therapies for this ailment. insurance contains retroviral involvement, immunity, pathophysiology and pharmacological therapy of power fatigue syndrome.

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Many people, myself included, think that this is not a good explanation for chronic fatigue, but nevertheless we do have to account for its occurrence. There is a danger that Peter Manu wants to discount all those overtly depressed patients and focus on those with low neuropsychiatric morbidity. My view would be that the latter patients tend to play down or deny psychiatric morbidity. The focus should really be on those with the typical amount of neuropsychiatric morbidity, which is actually less than you see in patients with typical major depression, but more than you see simply as a result of chronic disability.

Because old and new prospective studies of patients with chronic fatigue (Allan 1944, Kroenke 1988) indicate that the great majority of patients with chronic fatigue have a psychiatric rather than a medical diagnosis, most clinicians tend to assume that, in the absence of physical findings or specific laboratory abnormalities, patients with chronic fatigue syndrome are suffering from a psychiatric disorder. To clarify the physical and psychiatric dimensions of chronic fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome, we shall use the database of the Connecticut Chronic Fatigue Study t o (1) describe the diagnostic findings of a large group of 405 patients with a chief complaint of chronic fatigue; (2) present the results of the prospective application of the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) criteria (Holmes et a1 1988); and (3) compare the clinical features of CFS patients with those of age- and gender-matched control subjects with chronic fatigue.

The ability to move, run or carry out activities when under acute pressure remains, however. Edwards: In his paper, Dr Shorter didn’t mention the religious dimension. If the proposition is acceptable that the language you have determines the way you think, we are now in a period of transition from a religious language to a late 20th century scientific or pseudo-scientific language in which the psychiatric component becomes a substantial part of the language in which people interpret their own symptoms.

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