Chip Carving Classics ''Two'' by Lora S. Irish

By Lora S. Irish

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This number of literature makes an attempt to assemble a few of the vintage works that experience stood the attempt of time and supply them at a discounted, cheap rate, in an enticing quantity in order that everybody can get pleasure from them.

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But it is precisely all this that 6baku is unteaching Rihzai. To teach Zen means to unteach ; to see life steadily and see it whole, the answer not divided from the question; no parrying, dodging, countering, solving, changing the words; an activity which is a physical and spiritual unity with All-Activity. This was the piece of work that Rinzai did which satisfied 6baku. THE CAS E e������, �-�A, ���m�, �A��A��. � - B ��. m��, oo���, ��MA. �A�, W' ��� A�. ��*����, �tt�W. ��A�, *�rr�A, � 1t�*��, ��fJ'�, �1t�*.

This is the question solved by Rinzai when beaten by his master 6baku, and J6shii 6. It is difficult, at first, to understand this kind �ins either crazy or mere play-acting. -"t. Hyakujo seems to be praising Joshii of Th ing, which for his "dejection," that Is, for his looking frightened, irrespective of enlightenment or unenlightenment. 8. Huangpo, died 850. 9. " to. This is the pleasure of recognition, mutual recognition of their BUddha-nature. 20 Case I probably asked it ironically. " Joshii leaned forward with the appearance of not hearing what Rinzai had said.

This is greatness and simplicity indeed. " (No) In the Sayings of Joshu, �;mffi�, from which this Case seems to be taken, we have a much fuller account. M�, �T����m�. m�, �· ��, g��m, W�� �. �T����' W�, m������· ���m, �T ����m�. W�, �. *. W�, �Jlijtn�· A monk asked Joshii whether a dog had the Buddha nature or not. " The monk said, "You say 'Yes' but 15. We may translate, "Has this dog... 1" It is quite possible that the dog 'was present in the flesh. 16. "Ignorance" in Buddhism, means false, supposititious knowl­ edge.

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