Changing Institutional Landscapes (UvA Dissertations) by Breukers, Sylvia

By Breukers, Sylvia

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It entails a strong 37 preference for market-conform instruments to regulate the remaining part of the public sector. Politically, it has involved a roll-back of the state. In the eighties and nineties, countries with corporatist traditions like Germany and the Netherlands adopted neo-liberal measures, attempting to curb government intervention, to abolish welfare state arrangements, as well as to promote deregulation and liberalise public utilities - including the energy sector. These states have attempted to find a new balance between cooperation and competition.

In a study on the diffusion of renewable energy technologies in the UK, Foxon et al (2005) concluded that insufficient government support in the first phase had impeded learning, cost reduction and had hence negatively affected technology diffusion. Hofman (2005) analysed several renewable energy technological paths that have been initiated in the Netherlands over the past decades. He found that those options that converged best with existing institutional arrangements were most successful, because they did not present a fundamental challenge to the incumbent energy system.

They also form an important point of departure for our study on the implementation of wind power. A systemic approach that addresses wind power implementation has been adopted by Agterbosch (2006), who inquired into the development of the wind power supply market in the Netherlands. She investigated the interdependent formal institutional and social conditions to explain investment behaviour of the different types of wind power entrepreneurs (cooperatives, energy distributors, small private investors and new independent wind power producers) and their performance in implementing wind power.

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