Cellular Mobile Radio Systems: Designing Systems for by Husni Hammuda

By Husni Hammuda

Such a lot radio structures became so well known that the to be had frequency bands may be able to meet just a fraction of the call for. This e-book supplies sensible suggestions for optimizing potency of cellular radio cells.

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56). Thus, in WBFM systems, it is possible to trade off bandwidth for improved signal to noise performance without having to increase the transmitted signal power, provided that the system is operating above threshold. 6 General Comparison of Various Analogue Modulation Techniques In the previous section, an overview of the basic analogue modulation techniques was presented. 1. It is assumed that a normalized voice message signal is used, such that: À1 m…t† 1 and Efm2 …t†g ˆ Pm ˆ 1 : 2 The transmission bandwidth is vital for spectral efficiency considerations and the signal to noise performance reflects the signal quality at the receiver.

Alternatively, SSB signals can be generated by a proper phase shifting of the message signal, which does not require a sideband filter. Envelope detection of SSB signals can be employed instead of synchronous demodulation by adding a carrier frequency component to the SSB signal at the transmitter, in the same way described for AM. Nevertheless, this will lead to a waste of transmitted power and to an inferior signal to noise performance. Transmitted signal power and bandwidth of SSB signals The bandwidth BT required to transmit a message signal of bandwidth fm using SSB modulation is: BT ˆ f m : …3:44† The average transmitted power PT of a SSB modulated signal can be easily verified to be half that of a SSB-SC signal, provided that the average message signal power is identical in both cases.

1973 `Spectral and Economic Efficiencies of Land Mobile Radio Systems' IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol. VT±22, (4) November pp. 5] Cooper, G. , 1983 `Cellular Mobile Technology: The Great Multiplier', IEEE Spectrum, June pp. 6] Matthews, P. A. , 1986 `A Comparative Study of Wideband TDMA and TD/FDMA Systems for Digital Cellular Mobile Radio', Second Nordic Seminar on Digital Land Mobile Radio Communications, 14±16 October 1986 pp. 8] Eckert, K. , 1987 `Conception and Performance of the Cellular Digital Mobile Radio Communication System CD 900' 37th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, Tampa, Florida, 1±3 June 1987 pp.

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