Cell Migration: Signalling and Mechanisms (Translational by Frank Entschladen, Kurt S. Zanker

By Frank Entschladen, Kurt S. Zanker

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Leukocyte transmigration and recruitment to tissues are severely impaired in patients with leukocyte adhesion deficiency [37], implicating an essential role for β2 integrins in neutrophil function. Signaling molecules downstream of integrins and receptor activation have also been implicated in immunodeficiency disorders. For example, Rac2 is a hematopoietic-specific family member that has been shown to be crucial for proper neutrophil chemotaxis into inflamed tissue [38]. A patient with a dominant mutation in Rac2, D57N, has been reported who presented with recurrent bacterial infections and impaired neutrophil polarization and chemotaxis [38], indicating an essential role for Rac2 in neutrophil-directed migration and highlighting the role of migration in immunodeficiencies.

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