Causes of the Civil War by Wendy Conklin

By Wendy Conklin

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With Lincoln in the White House:: Letters. Memoranda, and other Writings of John G. Nicolay, 1860-1865

From the time of Lincoln’s nomination for the presidency till his assassination, John G. Nicolay served because the Civil warfare president’s leader own secretary. Nicolay grew to become an intimate of Lincoln and possibly knew him in addition to a person outdoor his family. not like John Hay, his subordinate, Nicolay saved no diary, yet he did write a number of memoranda recording his chief’s dialog that shed direct mild on Lincoln.

Man of Douglas, Man of Lincoln

In 1855, this former Mexican warfare colonel and Indiana congressman entered Kansas Territory to take a number one position in its quest for statehood, and over the subsequent twelve years he a probably inconsistent ideological direction from pro-Douglas Democrat to unfastened Stater to pro-Lincoln Republican. His fiery stump speeches and radical rules received him a Senate seat in addition to a military of critics and a cloud that hangs over his acceptance to at the present time.

Blacks, Carpetbaggers, and Scalawags: The Constitutional Conventions of Radical Reconstruction

After the Civil struggle, Congress required ten former accomplice states to rewrite their constitutions sooner than they can be readmitted to the Union. An voters composed of newly enfranchised former slaves, local southern whites (minus major numbers of disenfranchised former accomplice officials), and a small contingent of "carpetbaggers," or outdoor whites, despatched delegates to 10 constitutional conventions.

McClellan's War: The Failure of Moderation in the Struggle for the Union

"A terrific piece of ancient scholarship. Rafuse has crafted a publication that's groundbreaking in its notion. " —Joseph L. Harsh, writer of accomplice Tide emerging: Robert E. Lee and the Making of Southern process, 1861–1862"Brings anything new, or at the least fairly unknown, to the 'McClellan debate.

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Abe answers: “My Beloved Ann,” and ends with: “I am happy to ask you to accompany me later to literary they have planned for you to sing and I am to recite. I could write to you forever but Nance will not wait that long [to mail this letter]. ”40 With James Rutledge’s move to Sand Ridge, Ann and her sisters were forced to hire out to earn money to keep the family together. Ann took a job with Lincoln’s good friend “Uncle Jimmy Short,” whose farm was near the Rutledge place at Sand Ridge. Lincoln wrote to Ann from New Salem lamenting her situation of having to work like some scour maid, blaming himself: My beloved Ann: I am filled with regret over the defect of the conduct of a fate that has bourne down so heavily upon you and yours.

We only need examine them to find the answers to our questions. Interestingly, neither Cathy nor Coggins give dates for the various events they write about in their books. The one thing they do claim is that both Nancy and her baby lived in North Carolina at the time of the baby’s birth. And, in one part of the tale, Thomas Lincoln is working as a carpenter near the Enloe farm when Enloe negotiates with him to marry Nancy and assume responsibility for little Abe. Documents pertaining to Lucy Hanks, Nancy’s real birth mother, and Nancy herself are rare, but there are a few that are relevant to 26 Lincoln Legends fixing their place of residence at certain times critical to our story.

LINCOLN’S FATHER The Paternity of Abraham Lincoln There is a tradition come down through the family that Nancy Hanks, the mother of President Lincoln, once lived at my grandfather’s, and while there became the mother of a child said to be my grandfather’s, Abraham Enloe. —William A. Enloe I , A LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANT to a North Carolina congressman wrote me inquiring about a local tradition in western North Carolina that Abraham Lincoln was born in Rutherford County, the bastard son of a man named Abraham Enloe and a servant girl working in the Enloe household named Nancy Hanks.

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