Castle on the Edge by Douglas Howard Strang

By Douglas Howard Strang

While a Swiss psychiatrist arrives at a secluded sanitarium, humans begin disappearing, one after the other until eventually everyone seems to be gone-except one. the entire vehicles were sabotaged rendering them inoperable. the telephone strains were reduce and the entire lighting exit. The lone wolf is left to fend for himself. Will he be ready to get away the destiny of the entire others? Or will he be swallowed up too!

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He told us to meet him here in his office at eleven. It is now almost half past eleven and he’s nowhere to be found. Not only that, but as you can see the curtains and blinds are still closed, and the windows sealed up. ” Mrs. Dudley face became ashen as she looked at the closed curtains. Then she turned to me, took a couple of quivering breaths and said, “I don’t understand. I did open the curtains and blinds…and a window too…at quarter to nine, as I always do. You and Miss Holden were in the dining room.

Or will he be swallowed up too! By Douglas Howard Strang Castle On The Edge Eternal Press A division of Damnation Books, LLC. O. biz Castle On The Edge by Douglas Howard Strang Digital ISBN: 978-1-61572-427-7 Print ISBN: 978-1-61572-428-4 Cover art by: Dawné Dominique Edited by: Pam Slade Copyedited by: Sherri Good Copyright 2011 Douglas Howard Strang Printed in the United States of America Worldwide Electronic & Digital Rights 1st North American, Australian and UK Print Rights All rights reserved.

Well, I’m sure we can get by without the vehicle for one day. ” When we finished our breakfast, Doctor Calloway went on to tell Doctor Lederer about each of the patients residing at the sanitarium and the reasons why they were here. “We currently have six patients at our facility, Doctor Lederer. They all suffer from varying degrees of anxiety neurosis. Miss Madeline Gould, for example, is an unmarried thirty-eight-year-old finishing school teacher from Boston, Massachusetts. She came to us three months ago for therapy and treatment because she became overwhelmed with the problems, of teaching young, spoiled, unruly girls, and coping with their wealthy un-cooperative parents.

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