Carp on the fly. A flyfishing guide by Barry Reynolds

By Barry Reynolds

Realize the secrets and techniques of flyfishing for carp—learn the conduct and habitats of those tough fish, what flies they’ll take, and the way to place these flies within the correct position on the correct time to trap carp consistently.
Barry Reynolds and John Berryman, authors of "Pike at the Fly" and "Beyond Trout," have joined with Brad Befus to problem you to use what's definitely the final, nice, neglected flyfishing source in North the US. set aside your preconceptions, learn "Carp at the Fly" with an open brain, and you’ll quickly be flyfishing for large, powerful, clever fish in water simply mins out of your domestic.

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S part of carp fishing! , Tiemco TMC 100, sizes 14-18 Olive Fine gald wire Peacock herl Grizzly, palmered A fine, general-purpose midge irnitator. \Y/e usually fish lhis fly without adding any aétion.

C strip from Baggie Qlive brown rabbit fuI', dubbed Olive-dyed grizzly hen hackle Extra-small mono There are plenty of darnselfly nymph patteros available to the angler, but John Ban's rendition works so well on so many f¡sh specíes (including carp l that it'8 our choice. During a dam­ selBy hatch, earp engage in a feeding frenzy as they gorge on nymphs, Sinee damselBy nymphs are efficíent predators and strong swirnmers, fisrung this By with ,hon, quick strips is usu­ ally most productive . , Tiemco TMC 300, sizes 4-8 Olive Black marabou fibers 3X or 4X [ippet Clear plastic strip from Baggie Olive brown Scintilla Dubbing, colored on tep with black permanent marker Black hen neck hackle Olive brown Scincilla Dubbing, colored On top with black permanent marker Smallmono DJrag:onfly nymphs can be an extremely important food item are in dense vegetaríon, around decaying for carpo detritus submerged timber, and oyer rocky botroms.

Finally, 1 caught on. Those carp could have been stripers. They were smashing into schools of fry, slurping them down as ¡he carp swam through rhe dense clouds of tiny fish. After a pass through the school, they would withdraw and' permi¡ ¡he school to reformo A very small, nearly transparent Clouser Minnow was the answer. er ,ize, preferred. Baitfísh Available all year. , vulnerable baitfi,h. Shallow waters around penmerer of lakes and streams preferred. Finally, Erad nailed a ten-pounder; then another one, Those carp could have been stripers, (Barry Reynolds) l I 58 WHAT CARP EAT CARP ON THE FLY Terrestrial Insects Terrestrial irueets become avaitable to carp as a consequence of mísadventure.

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