Caring for your bicycle: your expert guide to keeping your by Peter Henshaw

By Peter Henshaw

With specialist suggestion on how you can modify your motorcycle to fit your needs, the right way to fresh it successfully, and the way to maintain it operating in most sensible , this advisor enables you to get extra entertainment out of your bicycle for longer, extra competently, and with the experience of delight that comes from realizing you could repair or hinder difficulties which could come up yourself—you may well even store your self a small fortune in fix accounts.

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When the ‘locked’/‘closed’ face faces outwards, the quick release is locked. Some levers are not marked, but when curved in towards the frame, they are locked. Pushing the lever into the locked position should take some effort. Before a wheel can be removed, the rim brake will have to be released – this doesn’t apply to disc or hub brakes. On V-brakes, unhook the cable from its cradle on the brake arms; on callipers, use the brake’s quick release lever; and on cantilevers, unhook the straddle wire from the left brake arm.

Now shift the chain onto the smallest chainring and largest sprocket. The jockey wheels should be in line with the largest sprocket. If they’re not, screw the low adjuster (usually marked ‘L’) in or out until they are. Then check the chain runs smoothly – if not, tweak the low adjuster again. Finally, check that the upper jockey wheel isn’t making contact with the largest sprocket. If it is, screw in the third adjuster (not the ‘L’ or ‘H’ adjuster) as shown. Adjusting hub gears Hub gears are a different system to the derailleurs described in the previous pages.

Badly worn brake pad – the bike is dangerous to use with brakes in this condition. Replace pads immediately and check that the wheel rim hasn’t been damaged. All rim brakes work on the same principle – two brake pads acting on the wheel rim, operated by a cable – but three different types are common: V-brake, cantilever and calliper. V-brakes are the most common, and fitted to many mountain bikes and hybrids. Side-pull calliper brakes, found on some children’s bikes, and BMX U-brakes are adjusted in a similar way to calliper brakes.

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