Careers Inside the World of Offices (Careers and by Carolyn Simpson

By Carolyn Simpson

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Series. 3'023'73dc20 94-16189 CIP AC Manufactured in the United States of America Page 5 Contents 1. What Jobs are Available? 7 2. Office Attitudes and Skills 14 3. How to Get Started 20 4. A Closer Look at Office Jobs 29 5. Tips for Getting the Job and Keeping It 50 Self-Evaluation Test 59 Glossary 61 For Further Reading 62 Index 63 Page 6 Office jobs range from receptionist to executive assistant. Page 7 Chapter 1 What Jobs Are Available? With the rapid growth of the world economy, a need for office workers developed in virtually every industry.

They also operate office equipment like photocopiers, fax machines, and personal computers (or they have their clerical staff do it), as well as train new employees. Secretaries need the same qualities as receptionists. They need to dress appropriately and talk politely, but firmly, with the many different people they deal with in an average day. They need more specialized skills than receptionists, such as being able to use a word processor or computer and having excellent shorthand and typing skills.

They're the ones who hand you all those forms to fill out. You might see them talking calmly to a patient who's afraid. You might even see them getting coffee for people who are waiting for appointments. Reservations Clerks Hotel and reservations clerks work in airports, hotels, and rental car agencies as well as travel agencies. These clerks book your trip, make your reservations at hotels, and reserve your rental caras well as deal with unhappy customers. Library Clerks Library clerks check out books, but they do more than that.

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