Care and handling of CDs and DVDs: A guide for librarians by Fred R Byers

By Fred R Byers

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_____. 2002. S. Mail. Medialine (July). html. High-Tech Productions. No date. S. Mail. High-Tech Productions to conduct Media Testing with Titan. htm. Hirota, Kusato, and Gentaro Ohbayashi. 1997. Reliability of the Phase Change Optical Disc. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Part I 36(10): 6398–6402. Imation, 2002. Handle with Care: Making Your CD-R & CD-RW Media Last. pdf. 39 40 Fred R. Byers International Organization for Standardization. 2002. International Standard ISO 18921, Imaging materials—Compact discs (CDROM)—Method for estimating the life expectancy based on the effects of temperature and relative humidity.

DVD-ROMs run in DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, or DVD-RAM drives, but not in DVD-Video players connected to televisions and home theaters. However, most DVD-ROM drives will play DVD-Video movies if the associated software is installed in the computer. DVD-RW (sometimes referred to as DVD minus RW, DVDReWritable): The DVD-RW is similar to DVD-RAM except that its technology features a sequential read-write access more like a phonograph than a hard disk. 7 GB, and it can be re-written to about 1,000 times.

DVD+RW can provide lossless linking of new data inserted or added from multiple recording sessions. DVD Video: Used for viewing movies and for other visual entertainment, DVD Video is a popular format for high-quality MPEG2 or MPEG4 video and digital surround sound. It enables multilanguage, multisubtitling, and other advanced user features. The total capacity is 17 GB if two layers are used on both sides of the disk. emulation technology: Software or hardware that gives a computer, device, or program the ability to mimic the function of another computer, device, or program.

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