C#.net Web Developer's Guide by Saurabh Nandu

By Saurabh Nandu

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When you're programming C# four. zero and want a bit support, this tightly centred and useful publication tells you precisely what you want to recognize -- with out lengthy introductions or bloated examples. It's excellent as a succinct quickly reference or as a advisor to get you speedily on top of things if you happen to already be aware of Java, C++, or an prior model of C#.

Written via the authors of the acclaimed C# four. zero in a Nutshell (O’Reilly), this booklet covers the whole C# four. zero language -- with out skimping at the information -- together with:
<UL> * positive aspects new to C# four. zero, similar to dynamic binding, not obligatory and named parameters, and kind parameter variance
* All of C#'s basics
* complex themes, together with operator overloading, customized conversions, sort constraints, covariance and contravariance, lambda expressions and closures, iterators, nullable varieties, and operator lifting
* LINQ, beginning with sequences, lazy execution, and traditional question operators; completing with a whole connection with question expressions
* harmful code and tips, customized attributes, preprocessor directives, and XML documentation

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Be steered that during this e-book, the writer is in a rush to get to complex recommendations. simply the 1st 3 chapters can be referred to as easy. After that, it quick climbs to complicated fabric prior to (in my opinion) sufficiently overlaying uncomplicated and intermediate fabric. by way of bankruptcy 14, the topic is, "Advanced kept technique Programming".

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It also contains the version of this assembly that the application was built with, so that the correct one can be loaded when the application is executed. NET Runtime named _CorExeMain. This is because those functions are invoked through the CLR, not through the normal Windows operating system functions. 2 illustrates the process by which your application’s source code is eventually executed as native code. 1. dll, which exports the _CorExeMain function. 2. The loader then jumps to the EXE’s entry point.

NET hopes to do away with all of that within the managed environment with the garbage collection system. Garbage collection runs when your application is apparently out of free memory, or when it is implicitly called but its exact time of execution cannot be determined. Let’s examine how the system works. The garbage collector starts by assuming everything in memory is trash that can be freed. It then walks though your application’s memory, building a graph of all memory that is currently referenced by the application.

6. Type cd FirstCSharpProgram. You have now created the directory to store your first C# program, which will be called FirstCSharpProgram. Leave the command-line window open. You will use it to compile your first program a little later. You will now create an empty source code file in the directory you previously created for your first C# program: 1. Click File | Save. 2. In the Save dialog box, use the Save In drop-down list to select the FirstCSharpProgram folder you just created. 3. 2. 4. Click Save.

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