Byte - August 1976 by Virginia Williamson

By Virginia Williamson

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Invalid data on the address bus is indicated by the crosshatched areas. SPEED SELECT FAST CYCLE II 12 13 14 15 SLOW CYCLE 500 nS 1000 nS 75 nS - MAX . 300nS -MAX. 0 /1S. Sometimes integrated circuits behave in ways that are not predicted by, or are overlooked by, their manufacturers_ This modification of KI M-l to enable the clock stretching function is accomplished by removing the usual KI M-l 6502 clock generation circuitry, and simply driving the ¢O pin of the 6502 directly from a TTL clock source which is external to the chip.

When BUSRO is activated, the processor will set these buses to a high impedance state as soon as the current processor machine cycle is terminated . BUSAK (Bus Acknowledge) Output, active low. Bus acknowledge is used to indicate to the requesting device that the processor address bus, data bus and tri-state control bus signals have been set to their high impedance state and the external device can now control these signals. 36 specifies a register or register pair in which the data is contained.

Generally, only one phonetic spelling exists for anyone word regardless of the number of alternate written spellings. It becomes important to identify the sounds that you actually are saying when a word is pronounced. N in similarity to the word "won"; "two" is programmed as TOU- more as if it were the written word " too". For most Americans, th ere is no difference in th e way these word s are pronounced. Proceeding in the same fas hio n, the remaining numbers up to ten are typed in as : T+#E- FO#- F&IE.

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