British writers by Ian Scott-Kilvert; British Council

By Ian Scott-Kilvert; British Council

Seventy of the main asked authors from the 11-vol. British Writers sequence are actually accumulated in a 3-vol. set. With contents selected by way of academics and librarians, the cheaper chosen Authors comprises the full-text articles of the fundamental authors studied in each school's British literature curriculum

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38 CHAPTER X 39 CHAPTER X THE CHASE ON THE RIVER The whole party walked down to where the launch had been tied up, and Fred and Songbird told their story and then heard of what had happened to the houseboat. " murmured Fred. " exclaimed Harold Bird, impulsively. " came from Dick. " Yet, though he spoke so hopefully, the outlook just then was dismal enough. The gasoline launch had a good start, and they had nothing at hand with which to follow the craft and those on board. "I'd hate to see the launch wrecked," said Tom.

It came down just over the Venus' bow. "Hi! " came from the launch, and then a pistol rang out and the ball whistled over the deck of the Dora. " asked Songbird, nervously, while Hans sought the shelter of the cabin in a hurry. "I reckon not," answered Harold Bird. " Those on the houseboat waited for several minutes and then, imagining the launch was turning to the shore, Dick prepared another rocket. "Get behind the woodwork," he said. " All sheltered themselves and with a rush the second rocket flew skyward.

Cried Sam. "Why not follow them until they do land somewhere and go to sleep? We'll have a better chance to capture all of them than in a fight out here. " "Yes, let us follow them until they stop somewhere," came from Songbird, who had no desire to fight out there on the bosom of the swiftly-flowing Mississippi. This decided on, they did not attempt to catch up to the launch, but, getting near enough to keep the craft in plain view, held back just a trifle. " asked Fred. "They may see the houseboat, but they don't know what craft it is, or who is on board," answered Dick.

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