Book of Swords 01 - First Book of Swords by Fred Saberhagen

By Fred Saberhagen

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But I don't believe it's anything central to our purpose. " "Then why not get it out of him. " And Duke Fraktin sighed his delicate sigh. "But – it may not be hi's to tell. " "You think I'm wrong. " The Duke was silent for a few moments, thinking. "Anyway, he's a man of property – he's not going to take to the hills and leave his mill to be confiscated. " "The time she spoke of, thirteen years ago, that was before I came into your service. There was no basis in fact for what she said? " The Duke was brusque.

The wizard bowed lightly. "And what about the young boy, sire? " The Duke looked at his advisor. " "Of course, sire. " "And then? What do you mean, and then? " The wizard bowed his little bow, remaining in his chair. " "Villages, Blue-Robes, are valuable assets.

And the towering figure standing beside Vulcan (Mark hadn't recognized Vulcan till the instant he was pointed out) clapped the Smith on the back. It was a great rude slap that made Vulcan stagger on his game leg and snarl. Then the speaker, his own identity still obscure, went on: "Do you suppose, young mortal, that we went to all the trouble of having Clubfoot here make the swords, make all twelve of them for our game, never to see them properly used? " For a game… a game? " None of the gods or goddesses in the circle thought that was worth an answer.

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