Bicycling's illustrated maintenance manual by Jim Langley

By Jim Langley

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Now if your child or lover is in danger, and you'd rather not live without them, what the heck, go for it-do all you can to save them regardless of your position or the situation. Either way, yom problems will be solved. 52 Hawke's Green Beret Surv i val Manual I But once you have yourself and others out of immediate harm's way, and you've treated yourself and others-as FIRST AID is th e real first priority ofsurviva\-then you make the decision to STAY where yOll are and wait for help, 01' GO, evacLL3ting the immediate area and looking for ways Ollt.

So, while handy for daily ope rations, it's not really someth ing to bank on in a survival situation. SIGNALS Th ere are all kinds of laser lights, strobes, beacons, tnlllsponders, flares, etc. on the market these days. It's good to get something for daytime and night time signaling. There's even a nifty watch that has a beacon transponder built into it. The key when it comes to signals is to do some research and find the ones best su ited for your needs. I always look for size and weight firs t.

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