Bibliophiles and Bibliothieves: The Search for the by Opritsa D. Popa

By Opritsa D. Popa

In Bibliophiles and Bibliothieves, Opritsa Popa has documented what may possibly justifiably be defined because the so much celebrated case of looting of 2 German cultural treasures by means of a member of the U.S. military on the finish of worldwide warfare II and their next odyssey throughout either an ocean and a continent: the pilfering from a cellar in undesirable Wildungen of the ninth-century Liber Sapientiae, containing the 2 leaves of the oldest extant German heroic poem, the previous excessive German Hildebrandslied, besides the fourteenth-century illuminated Willehalm codex, either one of which were faraway from the nation Library in Kassel for defense from bombing raids.

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Calling upon God in Heaven as a witness, Hildebrand attempts to tell his son that he is his father. In a desperate gesture of reconciliation, he offers Hadubrand a gift of gold: his precious armbands received for bravery from Attila, King of the Huns. But the suspicious young man rejects both explanation and gift. In front of his cohort he, the abandoned, the fatherless son, cannot show weakness, cannot lay down his weapons to reach for the bribe. This old and cowardly Hun must want to deceive him.

4 Thomas Martin, “Bemerkungen zur ‘Epistola de Litteris Colendis’” (Commentaries to the ‘Epistola de Litteris Colendis’), Archiv für Diplomatik:Schriftgeschichte, Siegel- und Waffenkunde 31 (1985): 270–72. 5 Gangolf Schrimpf, Mittelalterliche Bücherverzeichnisse des Klosters Fulda und andere Beiträge zur Geschichte der Bibliothek des Klosters Fulda im Mittelalter (Medieval book catalogs of the monastery Fulda and other contributions on the history of the Fulda monastic library in the Middle Ages) (Frankfurt am Main: Knecht, 1992), I.

That night, some thirty thugs burst into the Kassel synagogue, dragged out its Torah scrolls and ceremonial objects, and set them on fire. Police stood idly by as the mob rampaged through the Jewish quarter destroying homes and businesses.

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