Berserk in the Antarctic by David Mercy

By David Mercy

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I was only too glad to help out my new shipmate – at this point. But Manuel easily smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and it was obvious that his supplies eventually would run out. He had a few packs remaining – after that he was out of luck. Lucky for us, Manuel had chosen this trip to give up smoking completely. He boldly announced he was going to stop cold turkey while we crossed the Drake Passage. indd 45 18/11/2005 14:52:42 BERSERK IN THE ANTARCTIC meantime, his few remaining packs would have to last until our departure.

He shook his head in horror. ‘Ai yai yai,’ he mumbled loudly, looking over at Boris. ’ Yeah, whatever. I ran back to the tent and unlocked it, quickly rolling up my sleeping bag and grabbing my pack. I found a piece of scrap paper amongst my things and quickly scribbled a note to my Swiss benefactor. ‘Going to Antarctica,’ I wrote. ‘Thanks for everything. Have a nice life. ’ I tossed the spare key inside and locked the tent. ‘Seeya,’ I said to the owner and Boris as I jumped back into the cab.

Still, Antarctica would not come without some sort of sacrifice, and what the heck, I’d never been to South Africa. With my leftover cash I could head to Namibia and Botswana for a safari. I agreed. Manuel wanted to go too – but he didn’t have the cash. He had only $70 and pocket change to his name. Jarle looked at me, then back over at him. I really wanted Manuel to go; I had no idea what kind of workload to expect. ‘If we let you go, David and I will be paying for your trip,’ Jarle told him. I was willing to do it.

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