Atlantic Salmon Flies and Fishing by Joseph D. Bates

By Joseph D. Bates

A radical reference at the heritage and stories surrounding salmon fishing. vast information on salmon flies with various colour plates.

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The precise components for each pattern and the method of dressing each fly make the book a must for all who want to tie their own salmon flies. The eloquent little essays that accompany each fly never fail to capture the tier's interest and admiration. It is somehow more fun to use a self-tied fly whose lore and legend is known to the tier-angler. This reissue of Joseph D. 's useful book is being offered by the same publisher who published it originally twenty-five years ago. This is most appropriate, just as it is appropriate that the editor of the reissue should be Pamela Bates Richards, the daughter of the author.

Well, on Tuesday morning the river had gone down, and salmon were jumping all over the place. The guide set us ashore on the far bank and I waded out a bit and made a cast with a number six Green Butt. I flubbed the cast and everything landed in coils. But the current took the line and straightened it out. The minute it straightened out there was an awful strike, and a salmon was on. He raced and jumped all over the place, and I slipped and fell in. But I got up and held on, and you're having the salmon for dinner!

As a link to my father, hours spent with Angus are poignant in the void they help to fill. He has been beyond generous in sharing time, anecdotes, counsel, and advice during my stubborn effort to see ATLANTIC SALMON FLIES AND FISHING back in print. " In its language and opinion, ATLANTIC SALMON FLIES AND FISHING is very much like its author. I know that my father would be among the first of the fervent to join the critical in correcting unintended inaccuraciesespecially those relating to the histories of the flies.

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