Aspects of Modern Egyptian Arabic. اللغة المصرية الحديثة. by N. Greis

By N. Greis

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As the polarization state enters the dipole selection rules, i t needs to be known in the crystal. If i t cannot be calculated, the problem can only be solved by normal incidence of the l i g h t . In the following let us make the simplifying assumptions that the vector potent i a l be known inside the crystal and that the rapid oscillation of A near the surface be negligible. 70) and ~f are eigenfunctions of the same operator. In theoretical photoemission calculations generally this simplified form of the matrix element is evaluated.

The parallel components q11 of both states are equal, so that only the normal component has to be considered. Normal components of Bloch states are defined modulo 2x/c• where c• is the normal component of the t h i r d l a t t i c e vector c. The condi- t i o n for h y b r i d i z a t i o n and with i t of enhanced r e f l e c t i v i t y q~l)_ q~2)= ~2~ n n = O, 1. . 63) This c r i t e r i o n corresponds to the t h i r d Laue condition in kinematic theory. Thus, the Bragg condition for the wavevector of free electrons is replaced by a Bragg condition for wavevectors of Bloch states.

4). 64). More precise values can be obtained by comparing experimental and theoretical LEED I-V curves. The inner potential causes a reduction of the wavelength of the electrons inside the c r y s t a l . For normal i n cidence and normal r e f l e c t i o n (~II = ~ = q~ ~ O) a change of Vor only changes 9L, which v a n s that the t h e o r e t i c a l I-V curve of the (0,0) beam remains the same ex- cept for a s h i f t on the energy scale. This is approximately true also for other low index beams.

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