Artillery: Guns & Rocket Systems by T. J. O'Malley

By T. J. O'Malley

Publication by way of O'Malley, T. J.

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The KH178 pieces M546 still is one of the few artillery intended for use with the anti-personnel projectile which breaks open to release 8000 tiny flechettes with devastating results at both long and short ranges. A rare photograph Specification First of the 1 OS mm KH 178 Light Howitzer. 97 kg Depression/elevation: -5°/+65° Traverse: 45 5° Max range: HE m 43 155 mm KH179 Howitzer The South Korea Kia Machine Tool Company were involved in one of the first successful attempts to update the venerable American 155 mm Ml 14 towed howitzer, with their development programme commencing in 1979.

The standard British Army Light Gun is the LI 18 which fires a special family of 105 separate loading ammunition originally developed for use with the Abbot self-propelled gun. (The Light Gun ordnance was developed using the Abbot barrel as the basis the Abbot has now been withdrawn from service) However a revised barrel can UK maximum range barrel has to has a for compared to mm . be installed to fire the readily-available American/NATO 105 mm ammunition based on the HE Ml. This model is known as the LI 19, the version the US ArmyhasadoptedastheM119.

India Ordnance Factories have developed a close copy of the Light Gun Light Field Gun. 01 1 Muzzle velocity: 708 m/s Projectile weight: 1 6 kg Depression/elevation: -5 5°/+70° Traverse: on carriage 11°; on platform 360° Royal Ordnance 105 manoeuvres.

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