America's retreat from victory; the story of George Catlett by Joseph McCarthy

By Joseph McCarthy

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This was a high-level decision, in itiated by the Secretary of W ar. Who was, in effect, the Secretary of War duri ng the later incumbency of Mr . Stim son ? I think no on e who was in touch with the inner workings of those adjoi ning offices at the Pent agon, who has read th e late Secretary's explicit memoirs, who kn ows the inner relationships between the tw o men, can doubt that in matters of th is sort it was Marshall who made the decisions, Stimson who rubb er-stam ped them. It was Marshall who selected the line 38 America's Retreat From Victory for the division of Korea which was chosen by the Ru ssian Foreign Office and Gener al Staff nearly fifty years ago.

The blockade was str angling Japan. Admiral Leahy w rote on page 293 of his book concerning hi s ow n views of th e situ ation at this time: Yet, at Yalta, G eneral Marshall redoubled his endea vors for Rus sia's entr ance with all th e ind omitable persistence he had applied to the "second front now " and to blocking Mark Clark and the British over the eastern Europea n strategy . :. ':. " of the immense pressure put on the President by our military leaders to bring Russia into the far -eastern war.

It was Manchuria which Franklin D . Roosevelt thrust upon the Ru ssians ; it was, moreover, conferr ed upon the new barbarians with full understandi ng that th e United States was th ereby satisfying an old im perialistic design of the Kremlin. The ver y langu age of the secret protocol whi ch sealed the bargain at Yalt a recognized this fact. What Roosevelt ceded to Stali n at Yalta, with out the k nowledge or consent of th e Chinese, whose sovereignty there we always had upheld, was, and I quote from the work of Ed ward R.

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