All-Consuming Fire (Doctor Who-the New Adventures) by Andy Lane

By Andy Lane

Touchdown in Victorian London, the TARDIS team is shocked to fulfill up with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

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And what of you, Holmes? ' I discovered the Doctor sitting at the bottom of our stairs and conversing with our page-boy in a casual manner that I felt was unsuited to dealings with a servant. I curtly bade him accompany me, and whistled down a hansom almost immediately. As the cab trotted off he planted his umbrella on the floor, rested his forearms upon its handle and frowned. A melancholic expression shadowed his features, and I found myself wondering who he was and where he came from. 'Gallifrey,' he muttered.

His gaze was fixed on that same patch of shadows. I turned to look. The sticks and the sack were gone. ' I exclaimed. 'No,' the Doctor whispered. ' He shivered, and drew his coat tighter about his body. 'On with the motley,' he murmured, smiling hesitantly at me, then strode up to the front door as if he owned the place and rapped upon the door with the head of his umbrella. A maid left us in a room full of books whilst she took our cards in to her mistress. We sat, side by side, on an antimacassared sofa until Mrs Kate Prendersly swept into the room.

He looked questioningly at the Doctor, who stared back with basilisk-like impassivity. 'Er . . yes, Doctor,' he continued. 'You're technically under arrest, both of you. ' 'But . ' the Doctor said unblinkingly. 'But Sherlock Holmes has pulled my fat out of the fire too many times for me to throw his friends in choky. Whatever happened to that woman wasn't your fault. ' He gazed unhappily into his drink. 'Persuading Bradstreet might tax my skills, though. He's of the old school, like Lestrade over there: if you can't find the right man, lock the wrong one up.

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