Afterimage by Jaye Roycraft

By Jaye Roycraft

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She didn’t have the need or desire to dress up very often, but for an audience such as this one, jeans wouldn’t do. Strangely, the simple outfit made her feel good. And confident. She would need every bit of confidence she could muster for her interview with Drago. She brushed her hair that fell to the middle of her back until the static electricity made it crackle and dance. Then she rinsed her face before putting on just a touch of makeup. He was waiting for her in the living room, but instead of making himself comfortable on her wide sofa or overstuffed recliner, he was on his feet.

Whatever he decided, it would be final. But just why was a vampire from the worldwide Directorate here to interview her? She had expected a local enforcer from the Brotherhood, perhaps a regional officer, but surely no one with more standing in the hierarchy than that. But for l’enforcier himself to be here... She tried to decide if his presence boded good or bad for her. A chill washed over her as she slipped out of her cotton nightshirt. It couldn’t be good. Nothing about Alek Dragovich was good news.

Who are you? ” She reached for her blanket and yanked it toward her. “Alek Dragovich,” answered the creature softly, as if the name itself would answer all her questions. It did. Drago. She wanted to laugh. He was no dream. He was a nightmare. There wasn’t a vampire or a vampire hunter on Earth who had not at least heard of l’enforcier. He wasn’t an executioner, wasn’t even the only enforcer who reported to the Directorate. He was simply the Anti-God. For vampires, revenants, aberrations and ghouls, there was no appeal from Drago’s decisions.

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