Accessing Noun-Phrase Antecedents by Mira Ariel

By Mira Ariel

Having access to Noun-Phrase Antecedents bargains a thorough shift within the research of discourse anaphora, from a in basic terms pragmatic account to a cognitive account, when it comes to processing approaches. Mira Ariel defines referring expressions as markers signalling the measure of Accessibility in reminiscence of the antecedent. The concept of Accessibility is explicitly outlined, the the most important components being the Salience of the antecedent, and the solidarity among the antecedent and the anaphor.
This research yields an unbelievable array of recent effects. the correct distribution of referring expressions in genuine discourse is at once expected. a number of universals of anaphoric kin are acknowledged. therefore, even though now not all languages unavoidably have an analogous markers, and nor do they assign them exactly the similar functionality, Ariel exhibits that all of them obey an analogous Accessibility marking hierarchy.
This publication could be obligatory studying for somebody with an curiosity within the semantics and pragmatics of referring expressions, within the interplay of semantics and pragmatics, and extra usually within the interplay among peripheral and significant cognitive platforms.

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Presumably, such clause connectivity / independence functions quite like paragraph segmentations. Separateness is a cue for the potential introduction of a New frame, hence an appropriate point for releasing material from working memory. e. paragraph boundaries, or 27 Introduction else, at what she termed ‘pragmatic paragraphs’, which she defined taking into account factors such as changes in point of view or consciousness, a considerable change of time, etc. Another criterion determining the Accessibility of a particular antecedent is Competition, namely the relative Saliency of an entity when compared with other potential antecedents.

Fox (1987) discusses English patterns of anaphora in non­ narrative natural conversations and in written expository prose. Generally put, her claim is that ‘by using a pronoun the speaker displays an understanding that the preceding sequence has not been closed down’ (p. 18). If a speaker assesses that the proposi­ tion containing the antecedent is closed, she uses a full NP. Thus, while Li and Thompson consider the degree of conjoinability as predicting the plausibility of zero /p ro n o u n occur­ rences in Chinese, Fox makes much the same point about pronoun / full NP distribution in English.

7% 65=56% 53 = 78% 77=100% 259=100% 116=100% 68=100% Thus, when we neutralize the factor of topicality, we can clearly see that in short distances, anaphoric expressions of the High Accessibility type are most popular, or least marked. In larger distances, anaphoric expressions of Low Accessibility are most popular. 1 reveals, its pattern of occurrence definitely shows that the majority of its occurrences fall in the two intermediate distances. Actual Distance was, of course, only partially taken into account in these findings.

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