Abu Ghraib After the Scandal. A Firsthand Account of the by Salvatore Anthony Esposito Jr.

By Salvatore Anthony Esposito Jr.

In March 2003 the us army introduced an invasion of Iraq. Months afterwards rumors begun circulating approximately human rights violations in army criminal amenities all through occupied Iraq. In January 2004, a military MP serving in Abu Ghraib criminal left a disc containing pictures of prisoner abuse at the mattress of an army investigator. the pictures have been notorious the instant they got here to public cognizance, and the face of the Iraq battle used to be re-drawn to be that of sadistic American infantrymen. in spite of the fact that, infantrymen have lived and bled and died preserving the human rights of detainees at Abu Ghraib. the current paintings info the braveness, unravel, and mercy of the warriors of the 344th wrestle aid health center, military reservists from big apple who have been additionally current on the dual Towers scene on September eleven, 2001.

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One was for our fully equipped hospital, the other for our billets. We shared the billets with several other units, skilled contractors, and third country nationals working as translators and odd jobbers. Military units and others totaled two thousand people. Our command sergeant-major and colonel were two stern men. Their many years in the service were full of accomplishment. At our going away ceremony they promised our families they would bring every one of us home alive. Old school soldiers know that accomplishing this would require fierce commitment and merciless disciplinary action, as would this hearts and minds campaign.

Components of the EMT-B are airway management, CPR, and controlling bleeding. Another is patient evaluation, which would come in very handy for 344th medics assigned to field detainment areas. After getting that certificate the military had to qualify me for other official trauma care standards. Several well-spent weeks in a classroom at Fort McCoy earned me an Advanced Life Support (ALS) certificate. The components of ALS would permit me to perform intravenous therapy, cricothyrotomies and decompression of a tension pneumothorax.

Cops and corrections officers were used to carrying lethal weapons. Firefighters were used to life threatening dangers. Green soldiers like me were not accustomed to either. I wasn’t the only one hit by this moment. The few days passed. Command divided up Camp Bucca and Abu Ghraib personnel. Bucca’s staff would be taking a bus ride to their station. Abu Ghraib folks would be taking a flight up north. The last of goodbyes were filled with trash talking. It was better than melodrama. Both sides were ready.

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