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The invaders, despite all this, burnt houses, resting places and huge palaces. They caused the princes to be cut into pieces, and their bodies rolled into dust. No Mughal became blind by their incantations and magical charms. No miracle, and no charm, could rescue anyone from disaster! (4) There raged a contest between the Mughals and the Pathans, and the swords clashed on the battle-field. While the Mughals fired their guns, the others put their elephahts forth. Those who were destined by the writ of the Lord to lose, death for sure was in their lot.

Singh has faltered at every stage. The plea of escape from fear of opposition is most frivolous and undesirable. The Guru had openly criticized Muslim officials, Khatri government servants and their sympathizers, Brahmins many times, and asked them to stop exercising tyranny on the poor people. The Guru pointed out their tyrannical acts as under -– The man eaters say their prayers (Muslim Nirnaz). They who wield the knife wear the sacred thread. In their homes the 40 Brahmins blow the conch for prayers, but they too relish the same tastes… The sense of sense and honor from them is far removed.

If you are not prepared to take up shop-keeping, then procure horses and engage in trade…. “ Then Guru Nanak sang the third stanza of the Shabad “One’s trade should be the hearing of the Sacred Books. Let us carry with us the fare of merit, and should not leave this day’s task till tomorrow. When we arrive in the land of our Formless Lord, we enjoy the bliss of His Eresence”. (3) Kalu then said, “Nanak, you are a stranger to us, for these curious notions. Go, take governmerit service…”. We have renounced all intentions of taking any part of your earnings.

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