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Available for the 1st time in one quantity, the 2 influential and well-circulated pamphlets that contain Abolish Work provide state of the art type research and opinions of lifestyle from the frontlines of the category battle followed by way of uncensored, leading edge illustrations. “Abolish eating places” is an illustrated consultant to the day-by-day miseries, rigidity, boredom, and alienation that eating place paintings can entail, in addition to the ways that eating place staff struggle opposed to those. It attracts on a number anticapitalist rules in addition to massive own event. “Work, neighborhood, Politics, warfare” is a comic advent to trendy society, deciding on either the oppressive and subversive traits that exist this present day with the purpose of remaking society. jointly, the items learn alternately like a worker’s diary, a quick tale, a psychology of lifestyle, and a ancient account.

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It is the basis for any broader fight against management. 42 Abolish Restaurants • Work Groups The fact that work groups and the cultures they create are based in the work process means that the boss can undermine these groups by changing the work process. He can introduce a computer system to send orders to the kitchen to cut down on communication. He can change people’s shifts so they work with a manager and therefore increase surveillance. He can change people’s job description so they have some management duties and therefore change their sympathies.

Workers entrench themselves and defend this inflexibility. Restaurants, like many areas of the service industry, have to go where the demand is. They can’t be concentrated in industrial corridors in one area of a country. Restaurant workers tend to be spread out, working for thousands of small restaurant bosses, instead of a few large ones. This means we have a thousand different grievances and it’s not easy to organize together. Also, although there are restaurants everywhere, and they account for a large amount of economic activity, they aren’t a decisive sector.

The fact that the work process is so chopped up and specialized feels strange and unnatural to us, and we want to go beyond it. In order to form any kind of work groups, we have to treat each other as equals. This starts to undermine the divisions between skilled and unskilled and the hierarchy within the workers. In any restaurant the workers have to be able to manage the work themselves to a large extent. We have to be able to prioritize tasks, as well as communicate and coordinate with other workers.

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