A Vapore-Free Vacuum Seal(en)(2s) by Prund A. H.

By Prund A. H.

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It may masquerade as a religious cult or a social group. Some illeth cults have public faces as "exclusive societies" or fraternal organizations, even guilds, while most are veiled behind layers of secrecy. Most often, the low-ranking members of the cult are not aware of its true nature. As they are initiated into the cult's "mysteries" they are slowly introduced to its true masters. The leaders of illeth cults are typically either mind flayers disguised using illusions or shape shifting or illethkin in humanoid form that can easily conceal their true nature.

This makes kuo-toa communities the few places where drow and illeth exchange goods and information, and also makes them hotbeds of intrigue between all three races. The illeth primarily keep a close eye on the kuo-toa to prevent them from allying with either the drow or the waterdwelling aboleth. They take whatever steps are necessary to keep the kuo-toa isolated and encourage their neutral stance, since it keeps them from becoming a threat. Beholders The eye tyrants are the only other inhabitants of the underworld that offer much of a threat to the illeth, but the two races tend to leave each other alone.

Although they can mind switch with immature illeth, mind flayers rarely do so, since they find having to endure physical immaturity undignified. Instead, they prefer to cultivate suitable host bodies, either transforming them via egg implantation (see p. 40) or leaving them as they are. This allows an illeth to mind switch into the body of another creature, gaining that creature's appearance and physical abilities while retaining its own formidable mental abilities and psionic powers. Mind switching with various sorts of humanoids is the most common, but mind flayers have also possessed the bodies of many other sorts of creatures, and some find physically powerful forms both useful and pleasing.

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