A tale of two continents by Abraham Pais

By Abraham Pais

The writer of a hugely acclaimed biorgaphy of Einstein, sophisticated is the Lord, Pais writes engagingly for a common viewers. He movingly descibes his interval of hiding in Nazi-occupied Holland (he ended the battle in a Gestapo criminal) sooner than taking inventory of his existence in the United States, fairly within the newly prepared Institute for complicated learn in Princeton, then directed via the intense and arguable physicist Robert Oppenheimer. Pais new and labored with a number of the greats of twentieth-century physics, and he relates many desirable tales approximately Oppenheimer, Einstein, Bohr, Sakharov, Dirac, Heisenberg, and von Neumann, in addition to approximately non-scientists like Chaim Weizmann, George Kennan, Erwin Panofsky, and Pablo Casals. His enthusiasm approximately technological know-how and lifestyles generally pervades a publication that's either a memoir and a historical past of technological know-how.

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