A Place in the Sun: Africa in Italian Colonial Culture from by Patrizia Palumbo, Angelo del Boca, Giulia Barrera, Barbara

By Patrizia Palumbo, Angelo del Boca, Giulia Barrera, Barbara Sòrgoni, Nicola Labanca, Cristina Lombardi-Diop, Lucia Re, Giorgio Bertellini, Cecilia Boggio, Karen Pinkus, Cinzia Sartini-Blum, Robin Pickering-Iazzi

Given the centrality of Africa to Italy's nationwide identification, an intensive learn of Italian colonial background and tradition has been lengthy past due. vital advancements, the expansion of postcolonial reviews and the talk surrounding immigration from Africa to the Italian peninsula, have made it transparent that the dialogue of Italy's colonial prior is vital to any figuring out of the heritage and development of the country. This assortment, the 1st to collect articles by way of the most-respected students in Italian colonial experiences, highlights the ways that colonial discourse has pervaded Italian tradition from the post-unification interval to the current. throughout the Risorgimento, Africa used to be invoked as a limb of a proudly resuscitated Imperial Rome. throughout the Fascist period, imperialistic politics have been the most important in shaping either household and foreign perceptions of the Italian country. those individuals supply compelling essays on decolonization, exoticism, fascist and liberal politics, anthropology, and historiography, let alone renowned literature, feminist stories, cinema, and kid's literature. as the Italian colonial previous has had large repercussions, not just in Italy and within the former colonies but additionally in different nations indirectly concerned, students in lots of parts will welcome this vast and insightful landscape of Italian colonial tradition.

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Myths, suppressions, denials, defaults 27 Almost thirty years have passed since the forced exodus of the Italians of the quarta sponda, but the Italian-Libyan dispute has not moved forward. AlQaddafi periodically and sometimes in a threatening tone demands reparations. Farnesina, with similar obstinacy, replies that the Accord of October 2, 1956, erased every debt. In strictly legal terms, Italy would seem faultless, especially since it took upon itself the heavy burden of indemnifying the twenty thousand Italians expelled from Libya.

Corriere della Sera, Feb. 25, 1995. On Italy’s participation in the mission in Somalia see, Del Boca, Una sconfitta dell’intelligenza: Italia e Somalia (Roma-Bari: Laterza, 1993); Del Boca, La trappola Somala: Dall’operazione Restore Hope al fallimento delle Nazioni Unite (Roma-Bari: Laterza, 1994); Mario Sica, Operazione Somalia (Venezia: Marsilio, 1994); Claudio Pacifico, Somalia: Ricordi di un mal d’Africa italiano (Città di Castello: Edimond, 1996). 36 angelo del boca 26. La Repubblica, Dec. 23, 1993.

With this naive artifice, leaders of republican Italy decided to cover up the crimes of Giolittian and fascist Italy. This was a very incautious and dishonorable course of action that, above all, exposed Italy to the danger of future requests for reparations because of the lack of a specific quittance (Del Boca 1988: 443– 45). These requests were in fact unfailingly made, and in a much more peremptory manner once the old and hesitant king Idris was succeeded in 1969 by the very young and resolute colonel al-Qaddafi.

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