A Communist Party in action; an account of the organization by Angelo Rossi

By Angelo Rossi

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Taken by itself, this explanation has the twofold disadvantage of being entirely defensive and of pointing no path into the future. The Party needs something more than a mere explanation-something forward-looking that will enable its militants to shake off the feelings of inferiority that have held many of them frozen in their tracks over a period of weeks. Peace, the Party therefore tells them, is only the short-term objective-a device for gaining time during which to strengthen the USSR and the Red Army; once this is accomplished the march toward the long-term objective of world revolution will be resumed.

The broad outlines of this plan, certain elements of which have already turned up in the pamphlets and newspapers published during the exodus, may be recognized in the first number of L’Hzmzanite’ to appear in occupied Paris; 4 and they are set forth again, also early in July, in a document from ;he Party’s Central Committee-the Manifesto to the People of France. The celltral theme of both publications is this: The existing state of affairs, if only it can be handled “bravelv and wisely,” justifies the most extreme hopes the Commu&s have ever permitted themselves.

The speedy repatriation of the refugees soon takes away the first of these resources. ” ” As the weeks passa certain number of factories get back their managerial and other personnel and are able to resume production. ” l3 Among the unemployed there are a great many recently demobilized soldiers and sailors and large numbers of young people. ” ‘* It tells them to demand for the 1939-40 veterans all the rights enjoyed by the 1914-18 veterans. The chief objectives of Communist agitation among the veterans, however, are political.

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