22 Not a new life style: For those who thirst of humanity by Ahlulbayt ltd

By Ahlulbayt ltd

Martyr Dr.Mostafa Chamran Savehe way of life.

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22 Not a new life style: For those who thirst of humanity

Martyr Dr. Mostafa Chamran Savehe way of life.

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Not a new lifestyle 54 We wanted to drive him back to the rear because he had been shot and wounded so seriously that his face was white. However we urged him to lie on the back seat, but he did not listen. He sat in the front seat and hardly said hello to anyone and smiled. He said, “If I sleep on the back seat, all will think Chamran is dead. ” For those who thirst for humanity 55 He did not accept an air cooler in his room. Ahwaz was very hot, and Mostafa’s leg was in a plaster cast. His skin had corroded as a result of the heat and blood.

In the morning, it was reported that the bridge had gone. We went there, and it was the truth. It was reported that the doctor and his team were coming back along the river last night while they were laughing.

Not a new lifestyle 52 When someone shook hands with the doctor while staying one step back, everyone understood it was the first time that he had met the doctor. Then the doctor embraced him and kissed him several times. He became ashamed a lot and noticed that either someone did not go ahead or if somebody did go ahead, he would go to his arms directly. For those who thirst for humanity 53 A tortoise arrived with a pot full of clips (magazine) on time. I knew that the doctor did so. I did not know how he had made it understand how to come to me.

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